Personal Coaching Call

Sometimes, losing weight can feel like a lonely path to tread and without the right support, staying committed and motivated can be hard. But all that hard work is truly worth it if you “Just Keep Going” and knowing how fantastic weight loss success is, I am passionately committed to helping you achieve your own weight loss goals. Remember, having been there and done it, you can be honest with me. I’m not someone who just knows the theory. I’m not someone who just thinks they know what it’s like to struggle with weight. I’ve known what it’s like to experience the every day struggles being overweight can bring. I know how much it hurts when your thighs rub together.

I know how awful it is when you dread meeting friends in the coffee shop, only to see the chairs have arms and may be uncomfortable or difficult to sit in. I know what it’s like to have people silently judge you for what food you’ve got in your trolley when you’re in the supermarket. I know what it’s like to feel out of control; feeling like you’re on auto-pilot; when you know you’re not hungry and don’t want to jeopardise your progress but still find your hand reaching to finish an entire packet of biscuits! I know how crazy that feels but crucially, I also know how to get back in control and smash those self-sabotaging ways into touch and I can’t wait to share my experience and fantastic hints and tips with you so YOU can get back in control and banish your own weight related struggles for good!

Call Guidelines:

Calls are booked in 20 minute slots on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. Calls are available to be booked up to 10 days in advance.

Calls are made using WhatsApp. You’ll therefore need to make sure to download the app to your phone and be connected to the internet at the time of your call. Important Note: When supplying your WhatsApp number on the booking form, please be sure to include your country code.

Once you have made your booking, a confirmation email will be sent to you including a link to add your booking to your calendar. It also contains the link you will need should you wish to cancel or change your appointment. Cancellations can only be made via this link so please keep this email safe.